October 2, 2013

Be As Clear As Possible

You don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings.  So when you don’t want to date someone or see someone anymore, you don’t tell them that.  You lie.  You call it being nice.  Folks set up some dramatic scenes to that justify getting mad and ending things, or we give excuses that leave others hanging.

Let go of the drama.  Tie up loose ends.  If you know where you’re at with someone, you can be diplomatic, but be as clear as you can be.

Be clear with yourself, too.  Watch the behavior of other people.  Are they making excuses to you why they can’t be with you?  Are you making excuses about why they don’t call?  Some of us wait a long time for someone who’s not even thinking about us.

Stop telling others what they want to hear, when that’s not the truth.  Stop telling yourself what you want to hear, when what your telling yourself isn’t the truth, either.  Don’t leave other people hanging.  Don’t put yourself on hold.

Be as clear as you can be, with other people and with yourself.

It’s the compassionate thing to do.

-Melody Beattie