Life is a Highway


This summer I traveled alone. This summer I drove 1463 miles RT to Bella Vista, Arkansas from New Orleans, LA. I listened to Kelly Clarkson belt out “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand taller, and doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone,” and, I laughed at church signs along the way. One in particular caught my eye; “Beware, Satan is on the loose.” Needless to say, I did not stop for coffee; I just don’t need that kind of trouble!

Traveling alone, just the sound of it rings with strength, freedom, certainly solitude and yes, it has a twinge or ache of sadness. There is something of value being alone, sifting and searching your heart; time to revel in great memories and conjure up new adventures. Traveling alone is my time to be reflective and mindful.

I think about the person I’ve become, the things I am most proud of, and the moments I wish I could have back but cannot. I vow to do and be better; working against the “should, could, would” track that plays in my mind. Pema Chodren says, “Don’t underestimate the things in your life that bring you happiness,” and that’s where I land, deeply grateful for so much.

With each passing mile, I feel gratitude for the life and love I’ve been given. I marvel at the many opportunities for passionate, meaningful work; the good health I celebrate; the love of a sister and friends that are my family. I run through a litany of prayers for all those that are at my heart center.

Think about the paths you’ve taken this summer, the twists and turns in life’s highway. Be grateful for where you’ve landed, no matter what the
circumstance… from joy to sorrow. You can be certain the moment that is unfolding is the lesson you most need to learn.

It’s true I traveled alone this summer, but far away from loneliness.